life in the former bus depot in question was weathered under constant threat of demolition on month-by-month leases
then a stay of execution was granted by new owners for a whole year while they sought planning permission
but, out of the blue, the Edinburgh Evening News dropped the bombshell that we were to be 'demolished within weeks'.
according to the sloppy journalism of Brian Ferguson, the building had been abandoned 2 years before, which refuted the existence not only of the 50 tenants of New St Studios and many more in the workshops & lockups in the car park below, but the hundreds who flocked weekly to the vibrant Sunday Market, the only regular occurrence in the city centre expressly for the locals.
although without hope of saving the 'eyesore' from its ultimate demise, we set out to demonstrate that its existence was of greater value than a gap site and 'giant panels' promoting the new development, as proposed by Mountgrange.
eyesore was a concept of spotov & angeline

however our very first action posing the question the hanging of a 30 foot banner got angeline physically assaulted and others of us violently threatened and all tenants were barred from our own building by the car park 'security' thugs and then when the police were called about the assault, within seconds we became the criminals, presumed to be anarchist terrorists and the buidling was stormed by riot cops .. greeted by dollmaker jenny dear offering cups of tea
the banner which took 2 or 3 days to make was only visible for 5 or 10 minutes so the idea of letters on sticks was born to pose the question

who are Edinburgh's recklessly destructive cityplanners? zero respect for any architecture that isn't georgian but they give the go ahead willynilly to lowest common denominator barratt estates or vast hulks of illmatched greenglass & sandy stone veneer
our eyesore business was never completed

eyesore on sticks [wee film to watch] was executed by spotov & poly, carried through the city by a large number of volunteers,
filmed & speed edited by johnoverity

5 years later the site is still a huge gaping hole in the edinburgh old town overview, threatening the city's Unesco heritage status..