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Pope's eye view
commissioned to christen the new glass cased entranceway of the Arches, Glasgow 2001
performance triggered by the Foot and Mouth outbreak crippling the yUK
gratuitous movement of meat up & down ladders inside the T-linked glass cases of the entranceway,
ironing tongue, shaving chops..

Beltane/Sativa drummers beating a bass drum as a negative white woman on the side of a hill in the dark on a fake acropolis [Edinburgh’s disgrace] has its charm apart from the bruised knees but spotov's best achievement [swastika-ed drum aside] upsetting the neopagans in their processional march on Samhuinn by dressing the 13 drummers in christian imagery –13 stations of the cross stitched onto shrouds acquired gratis by personally visiting every funeral parlour in the town


STIFF Intervention fashion show in the Arches, Glasgow 2001
hardscore cardboard costume exposé of the fashion world.
imagine spotov's delight when realised the organisers unwittingly putting us first..
picture the scene: Scotland's biggest fashion show catwalk boldlit May Stain pre-installed pristinely inanimate as the audience pile in (1/2 hr without so much as a twitch) then the vaulted room fills with the sound of spotov retching and the anonymous ultra rigidity glides stiffly by preserving illusion till the protracted skirt folds part to reveal filthyfagbutt knickers & heel dragging package greasy w/chips(will somebody please tell her) to looped (qu)easylistening strains
meanwhile miss poly verity a vision of perfect loveliness of course [her hairdo sported by attendant B below]
o and the dog was the fashion accessory of eliza who patiently constructed the stinking fagknickers - legions of other people's fester worn next to spotov's privates
musical score:
Attendant B's 'Really Retch' whitey pitched plodding bossa nova accompanied by genuine girl retching solo

designed from scratch(score & slit)


The Berkeley Institute basement of the Arches, Glasgow 2002

commissioned to create a piece for a theatre festival based on the 'institution'
to get away from predictability of institutional grimness & give the audience on their way to & from the other shows
a taste of something more exquisite, glorifying the Institution, this live show was inspired by Busby Berkeley [although spotov has never actually seen any of his films]
creating the scale through the kaleidoscopic use of mirrors, the show was viewed through spyhole lenses set into a false neutral grey wall backing onto one face of the entirely mirrored room and the soundtrack piped down tubes hanging above the heads of the peeping audience. the multi-heighted office positions the 3 secretaries in an ascending spiral at their desks accessed by ladders and steps . as the eternally looped piece progressed fans mounted in the desks blew the papers into the air so that the secretaries were catching at their drifting work in an endless flurry of white paper but ever perfectly serene in their forever office.
how could you wish to be anywhere else ..

you may spy on the girls at work
aside the selfconsciousness of live peeping being impossible to capture, filming through the spyhole [& removing the convex lens] severely limits the field of view available to a closely pressed and selectively moving eye
the mirrors made a mockery of filming inside the space so consequently the infinity of reflections is lost. the live observer had no idea whatsoever of the scale of room nor how many secretaries were busying in it, whereas the wee film is clearly just 3 girls, sweet nonetheless..

sound [of paper] recorded by fin who live mixed the office ambience



Protlor & Gamble -
who is the protlor?
Tinsmiths Workshop New St carpark 2002
a young chap with seemingly no history at all [rumoured to have emerged from under the floorboards] knocks on spotov's door asking how he can become an artist. so spotov&verity attempt to give the lad opportunities they never had - project protégé taking humour from the inadvancedment their ages - no really ready for the protégé time in life but quick to assume role of plain little spinsters with a knack of making themselves useful, stickering the streets with 'who is the protlor?' before the postering campaign for the solo exhibition they have set up for him. they have room for doubt too but the spinsister [sic] Miss Gambles need not resort to the disappointment show &when they make their appearance at his opening with kettles of vodka, liverspotted Lebkuchen & prunes sourly stuffed, they become insufferable figures of puffed up pride who can't stop screeching the praises of the "dear boy".